Safer Drivers Course

Jacob’s Driving School has instructors that are accredited facilitators and coaches capable of delivering the Safer Drivers Course.
The Safer Drivers Course gives learner drivers a better appreciation of road safety issues not covered by existing education.

What is the Safer Drivers Course?

The Safer Drivers Course is a course involving practical and theoretical elements including a facilitated group discussion session as well as in-car coaching.

The Course involves two modules…

Module one: A three-hour facilitated group discussion on how to manage risks on the road. This will involve a maximum of twelve participants and will be delivered by a facilitator.

Module two: A two-hour in-vehicle coaching session to develop low-risk driving strategies. This will involve two participants and a coach.

The Safer Drivers Course has been developed by a board of road safety experts including representatives from Centre for Road Safety, Services NSW, NSW Police Force, road safety researchers and education specialists.

Completing the Safer Drivers Course has many benefits. Learner drivers who complete the course will increase their road safety skill and learn about driving alone, driving along different road conditions as well as identifying hazards and managing risks.

Learner drivers will be educated how to develop action plans to continue applying the skills learned during the Safer Drivers Course throughout their driving journey.

Learners who complete the Safer Drivers Course will receive 20 hours of credit towards their compulsory 120 learner logbook hours.

Am I eligible?
The Safer Drivers Course is designed for learners aged 16-25 who have completed at least 50 hours in their learners log book.

How much will the course cost?
The cost of the Safer Drivers Course is capped at $140 for each participant.

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